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Hi and Welcome! 
Want to be on the list? Here's the low down...
1.     You must be a Mormon but if you're not Lds, please email anyway. Id like to invite several to the list and take these on by a case by case inquiry. 
2.     You must be an active blogger with a public (for everyone to read) fashion, lifestyle, or personal blog. AND, you must have been actively blogging for at least SIX months.
3.     You must have high-resolution, head-to-toe images in your outfit posts with outfit details at least once a month. Failure to post an outfit for the month will result in immediate removal from the MFB list.
Here are beautiful examples of fashion posts that Im looking for:
 1 , 2 ,  3 ,  4 , and 5
4.     You must display one of the MFB buttons on your blog home page sidebars, not at the bottom of your blog, a post, or subpage. If not, will result in immediate removal from the MFB list. 
5.     If this is you, please email me at: 
Put in the Subject line "MFB Inquiry"
**I add new inquiries that meet the above criteria within the first week of each month. (I try!!)

P/s: I inherited this list of lovely modest fashion bloggers back in Oct/2013 from my sweet friend Elaine. Whom has worked hard on creating this amazing genre that has taken off so well in the fashion blogging world. Albeit, I am not a fashion blogger by any means but I am a personal blogger who rarely writes these days. As you can see, these ladies do it so much better than I and they keep me in line. That is all. :) Thaaaaank you!! - Tiffany :)

BOOK OF MORMON REQUESTS: Yes, I will gladly send you one!! Just send me an email and in the subject line put "Book of Mormon Inquiry" - 

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