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Hi and Welcome! 
Want to be on the list? Here's the low down...
1.     The original list required that you have be a Mormon but you dont have to now! Its open to anyone who dresses in a modest fashion and respectful to those that do because of religious reasons. 
2.     You must be an active blogger with a public (for everyone to read) fashion, lifestyle, or personal blog. AND, you must have been actively blogging for at least SIX months. 
3.     You must have high-resolution, head-to-toe images in your outfit posts with outfit details at least once a month. Failure to post an outfit for the month will result in immediate removal from the MFB list. 
Here are beautiful examples of fashion posts that Im looking for:
 1 , 2 ,  3 ,  4 , and 5
4.     You must display one of the MFB buttons on your blog home page sidebars, not at the bottom of your blog, a post, or subpage. If not, will result in immediate removal from the MFB list. 
5.     If this is you, please email me at: 
Put in the Subject line "MFB Inquiry"
**I add new inquiries that meet the above criteria within the first week of each month. (I try!!)

6. Check out this article featuring some of our MFB the Modest Fashion movement!!
P/s: I inherited this list of lovely modest fashion bloggers back in Oct/2013 from my sweet friend Elaine. Whom has worked hard on creating this amazing genre that has taken off so well in the fashion blogging world. Albeit, I am not a fashion blogger by any means but I am a personal blogger who rarely writes these days. As you can see, these ladies do it so much better than I and they keep me in line. That is all. :) Thaaaaank you!! - Tiffany :)

BOOK OF MORMON REQUESTS: Yes, I will gladly send you one!! Just send me an email and in the subject line put "Book of Mormon Inquiry" - 

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